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Our (not-so-monthly) Newsletter (December)

Here's the "monthly" email that went out a few days ago!


Some of our crew and significant others at our favorite hangout, Crime and Punishment, on Girard Ave.

Dear All,

In the true spirit of opposites, yin and yang, recent practice embraced the hot—and the cold!

Check it out below,

Spencer & Andrés

Lemon Hill Aikido



This month we saw a contingent of students travel with Andrés to Brooklyn Aikikai for a seminar with Piotr Masztalerz Sensei (6th dan) from Wrocław, Poland. In addition to the seminar, there was also a daring dip into a cold water bath. Hats off to those who braved the frigid temperature and survived!

Video-still of Shingo being all-too-okay with 43º water.



Andrés and Chris attended a traditional Native American sweat-lodge in Bartram's Garden, organized by Michelle Currica and her husband, Brujo de la Mancha. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing this practice with the dojo.

Michelle prepping the sweat-lodge.



More mats arrive today (12/9), along with a further addition in March. The mats will allow us to hold seminars and accommodate more students—definitely something to look forward too!

There will also be kyu testing in the spring. So keep up the good work everyone!

One of the only pictures we have upon first starting at Steelworks on Girard Ave.


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